Truth be told…

When taking on the Speaking Section, especially on the first two questions a.k.a. Familiar topic questions, quite a few test takers assume a strange attitude toward the truth. They suddenly prefer to lie about their preferences and habits. Their common obsession is to display the hypothetical ability to talk more than necessary, saying, “I cannot keep talking until the beep unless I tell a lie or two.”
But just give it a quick thought. If you had an ability to organize a couple of discrete lies into a well-developed story in 15 seconds, I think you would be successful in a different dimension than our legally accepted businesses.
You are given 15 seconds to prepare, and 45 seconds to display your ability. That’s it. This is not a test for an anchor person to take over Matt Lauer. You are not even asked to finish your talk in time (though they will give you a cue).
So be true to yourself. Base your response on the truth. Everyone has enough life experience to share for 45 seconds. Your lies are easily detected. Your response suddenly becomes inconsistent or even contradictory as soon as you start to rely on a false, made-up resume. As is always the case, honesty is the best policy.

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