A trade-off problem

March is nearing an end and this is my first post for this month. To tell the truth, my Japanese blog has not received a post for the past month. It even sounds like I am getting less communicative and confined to my own world. Well, it’s just the opposite. I have been very active in the twittersphere – lots of tweets, likes, comments, and retweets. A couple of months after I changed my main means of communication, however, I finally realized that there is a certain capacity to deal with SNS and the amount remains constant. The more tweets, the fewer blog posts.

The same is true with the capacity for a second language. The capacity itself seems to remain constant. The more reading you do, the better reading ability you will acquire, but that means you fail to improve your listening ability. The more you practice speaking, the better speaking ability you may acquire, which does not greatly affect your reading comprehension.

Just like SNS, language learning is a matter of optimizing the time available.




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