Setting your goal

First thing first. The most important thing to get successful in your attempt toward the TOEFL test is to set your own goal. If you want to see yourself receiving the highest score you could ever get, then you will be still dreaming of it after all the time, effort, and money you spent on the TOEFL. If you look at the TOEFL itself in the distance, it may be elusive and whatever tips you get will not be able to contribute to a better score. However, if you look at each one of the four sections and get even closer to each question of each section, and how you can get to the right answer or an ideal response, you will realize the necessity to improve some specific abilities about your entire language ability. For that purpose, take an actual test just once. Then buy the official guide and do the first set to go over what questions are to be asked at the test center. Whether you study for yourself or go to a preparatory school, this is a prerequisite for a better score.


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