My children do not watch the TV shows that we (their parents) prefer. It is usually the parents who yield, so we end up watching Doc McStuffin, Handy Manny, and other Disney shows. Yesterday was just about the same day, so I was ready enough to turn the channel when I turned on the TV. However, my son, as well as my daughter, suddenly got glued onto the show. It was “the first errand I ran.” Parents ask their child to run an errand and s/he achieves the goal without parental guide or assistance. Children have to cross the street or buy items from supermarket all by themselves, so this type of reality show would be impossible in other countries where safety and security are not considered given.

The child we accidentally started to watch had lost most of the money because she had bought many other things than was asked. But now, she has to buy something additional. My son got excited and said, “She’s got no money! Oh! boy Oh…Wait! I could use a credit card! Yes, that will solve the problem. Got to let her know!”

He was really into it.

The show may cater to those parents who raise or have raised children of the similar age, but it is the children that showed more interest. They can fully empathize with those kids on the show. Empathy does work.



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