Somewhere between work and pleasure

Many of my friends know that I start to work at 3:00 in summer, and 4:00 in winter. Today at 5:30 a.m. my work was again interrupted by my three-year-old daughter. She got out of bed, crying, and was at my door when I realized she was standing there. Said she couldn’t sleep without me by her side. I carried her to the bed, put her to sleep, and then got back to work. But that didn’t last five minutes. She was there again, crying. We repeated this exchange a couple of times and then, I gave up. I lied on the bed beside her for an hour. She seemed so peaceful and secure.

Seems to be a big waste of precious morning hours? Not in the least. On the contrary, I treasure every moment of this kind of happening. Sooner or later, she will not need me any way (instead she will ask her boyfriend to do the same, I wonder). Until that day comes, I will do my best to enjoy parenting. I don’t think I am a doting father who can spoil his daughter. It’s just that I have fun with parenting. It is sure to contribute to my English ability, too. Without my children, I wouldn’t even try writing something to this effect. That alone is a great plus.


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