Is that the same burger that I had yesterday?

The pricing policy of Kindle should be added to the seven wonders in the world, making it eight.

I once (or twice or more) wrote about this book.

Sales promotion was not the only intention that I had. I really wanted more TOEFL test-takers to read this book and prepare themselves for the test. It has quite a few topics that are very frequently asked in the actual TOEFL test. The more knowledge you have of certain academic fields, the more chance you stand of understanding the lectures that would otherwise be so new to you that you would be at a loss trying to understand them, much less talk about them.

That’s not everything, and this I find very problematic.

The price was set at 800 yen when I introduced this book on my blog and Facebook page. I can now assume it sold better than before, because it is now 1,800 yen – a whopping 225% higher! According to some websites that I found, they set a higher price because they empirically know that once a book starts to sell, it will keep selling well even if the price is higher.

Too bad.

Does that affect how much I will get from the publisher? I was totally unaware of it because I didn’t care (Who in the world that cares about royalties writes a book on the TOEFL, which is taken by not more than 80,000 Japanese people?)

Anyway, I just wondered. Today you ate a burger that cost you $8. Tomorrow, you will try the same burger at the same fast food chain, but the price is $18. You will not take it for the day, and the next day, and the following day… until you forget you have actually eaten it before.




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