Effective vs Affective

I knew I was sick.

So it was in a sense a ferfect timing when my daughter had a cold and suddenly started coughing. I took her to the doctor’s office, where two of us were both patients.

I had developed throat irritation.

“Your throat is terribly reddish. I will prescribe a very strong medicine for you.”

Now I am feeling drowsy. I am sure this one seems to be working.
When we left the office, my daughter asked me one strange question.

“Why do women like men?”

“Why? Well, genders don’t matter. Some women like men while other women like women, but basically we like those whom we like, no matter which gender. But why?”

“Cus I love you, daddy.”

Sorry, Doc. But these five words are more effective than the best medicine you can think of.

Merry Christmas!


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