The Inch-High Samurai

I attended a long meeting at work, where I was asked to cooperate in the making of the textbooks. They need revising all the time of course, and this time, again, I will be working on the revision. That’s good, though. No matter how many times I had proofread before the completion of the first edition, it was not complete until it was actually used in class. Now that it was used, it is time to make it better by including the feedback from teachers.

OK, that was another addition to my schedule for this winter break.

By the way, my son practiced writing Japanese cursive letters (hiragana) by copying いっすんぼうし(Issun-Bohshi – The Inch-High Samurai). It is an old Japanese folktale in which a boy who never grew more than “Issun” (just about an inch) went to fight against a villain and won, after which a princess swung the gavel left with her by the villain, making the boy into a grown man to whom she got married. Son was still clumsy and was very careful in writing one letter. His writing IS very cursive 🙂 but that’s what everyone will go through. Very cute letters.


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