Recently I happened to hear two great pieces of music that sounded very comfortable. Both are sung by the same musician who turns out a popular fashion model who appears on the cover of a fashion magazine. 

Her songs are peculiar. Although the singer represents a younger generation, her sound is reminiscent of the 70’s sound that is familiar to someone like me who was listening to music like crazy in those days (when I was in elementary school). 

It makes me happy and realize the possibility that musical tastes can repeat themselves. 

OK, below are the two songs.
How did you like them?


A tough question in real life

“Grab that crepe. It’s all yours, H. A whole banana is in it.”

“No, thanks, dad. You know…”

“I know, H. You HATE bananas. Don’t you think it’s easy to deal with your likes and dislikes at home and at kindergarten? You can simply say Nope to reject the offer.”

“uh huh. Simple. And I like that.”

“But the reality is really harsh. You know, you like S in your class, right? Then you would get a kick out of playing at her house.”

“Yeah, why?”

“What if her mother, just out of hospitality, brings all those crepes, saying, ‘Here, lots of banana crepes. Share them with S. I’m sure you’ll like them.’?”

“I’d run out od the room?”

“How would you see her next time?”

“I’d rather not run…”

“Hard, isn’t it? Very different from quasi-reality in kindergarten? … Your dad doesn’t know what to do, either.”