A voiceless class

As a teacher (or instructor or whatever you like to call a profession who talks in front of a group of learners), my voice is very important. I know it is, but not until it is gone… and it IS gone now.

I realized that it was fading in the reading class yesterday. If my voice had completely gone in the reading class, I would have gone through another tough time. The reading class requires the teacher to take initiative and conduct class by doing most of the talking. For the last five minutes I found it hard to speak, no matter how much I coughed, feeling as if something was stuck somewhere in the throat.

I had a cold.

Today I’m teaching a TOEFL Speaking class, which is much more benign to my throat than the reading class. I have already made a lot of material to be used when students practice in pair. While they work on the material, my throat will take a rest. Anyway, I will ask them to gather closer to me today so that I can even whisper to make myself heard. My voice may be gone, but that can be taken advantage of when it comes to teaching.


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