Fairy tales

Both my son and my daughter like hearing stories. They would enjoy reading all those stories if only they could read, but not yet. So with the same desire to read by themselves if they could read, they ask me to read to them.  Those fairy tales and folktales are virtually the same in their structure. That will give readers a sense of inner security, hence comfort. They love stories.

Unlike the comfort in which children listen to the stories, a wolf is always deemed to fall victim.

Most of the time, it just swallows a couple of people or little feeble animals. But in the end, while asleep its tummy will be cut wide open and the people are rescued; instead the tummy will be stuffed with stone of an equivalent weight. When it gets up and feels thirsty, it walks toward the nearby river and tries to sip water. Then it tumbles into the river and drowns.

The moral of the story: Chew well and consume well 😉


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