An Early Bird

I left home around 9:00 a.m. to drive my son to kindergarten this morning. I usually do this but especially this week, since this entire week is off (although I’ve got a lot to do from home, just as you know if you are your own boss. It’s just that the school I teach part time has no class this week.)

On arriving home, my three-year-old daughter was too excited to sit still. She was (after being encouraged by her mother) ready to leave for the nearby library. I was the designated chaperon. We enjoyed reading picture books for kids. When she became satisfied and couldn’t consume any more, she agreed to get back.

Now, I’m about to have lunch at home, but really quick, because I am going to pick up my son. He must be planning how to play with me when he is back.

After that, I either go to work at a prep school and teach one or two classes or stay home to take care of my two kids until they go to bed (with me). For this week, the latter is the only choice I have.

Now, the question is when I work? I need to work to make a living, but considering this crazy-busy schedule, when? The answer lies in your dream. When you were still dreaming around 3:00 this morning, I was already awake and working on the current project. I also studied what I had to myself in addition to having some pleasure of reading. Only 5 hours sounds like a short time, but if I do so early in the morning, I am twice as productive as I would if I did it while taking care of my children. That means my 5 hours is worth 10 hours.

I cherish this morning activities.


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