In 10 years…will it happen?

Five English teachers observed my TOEFL Speaking class on Thursday. I don’t know in detail (cuz I teach part time there and steer clear of the management.) , but basicaly, just observing whatever class you choose out of curiosity does not necessarily mean you can learn from the class. 

My class is situated on the other side of the  spectrum of Japanese English classes. This is so true when it comes to the Speaking class. Here I take a laissez-faire attitude and let my students try to maximize their ability to speak. This is only possible, however, when students already know how to start a response, when to use a new phrase, or how to change their idea when it is hard to put it in English. 

At school, those basic skills or even basic knowledge with which to build basic skills are to be taught. TOEFL classes may not offer ideas that apply to Japanese school English classes. 

So I thought on Thursday. 

Now, however, I do hope that English education in Japanese secondary school will one day catch up with the TOEFL course standards. TOEFL 80 is now regarded as too high a score for an average student to achieve. I would like to see it changed in ten years’ time. 


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