Making the writing task more exciting.

I am teaching the Integrated Writing class (and others) today.

This task is pretty boring, because 1) you know what will happen anyway (the lecturer will question the points made in the reading passage. Three points will be denied one by one), and 2) your personal feeling toward the passage will be ignored.

This is something you should accept, because this question measures your ability to summarize what you read and listen to in an effective manner. There should be no personal attitude playing a role.

However, when you practice, isn’t it more fun to get your personal ideas involved in the summary? I do recommend this to my students (and I will do in today’s class). You will add your opinion of which side you will stand on, after summarizing both passages. 100 words would express your entire idea.

That way, you can made this otherwise banal activity something new and more exciting. When you get into university, you will be required to submit reaction papers. This will be a prototype of such a reaction paper.