Genetically speaking…

Ever since my son was born, I have kept this promise. I will never teach evening classes. They end at 8:40, which brings me back home at 10:00, when everyone (my son and my daughter) is dreaming in the bed. Yesterday was special. I had a special appointment that I should not refuse. On the train heading home, I tried genetically linking my lifestyle to my father’s. 

Back in my childhood Dad came home early. I don’t remember the dinner time without his presence (except for the time he was in the hospital – he had a number of operations, whose number I don’t remember. I don’t remember either by the time my brother started school, what his internal anatomy was like. At least he didn’t have a stomach any more). 

During my school days Dad was home all the time. Not a day passed by without our discussions about current affairs, baseball and other sports. I still think that Dad should be with the kids and help Mom with the household chores. Dad did the dishes after every meal, saying he liked it because dishes were getting clean. So I take that responsibility now. 

It’s not like I regard my Dad as a role model that I should pursue. It just happens that I look like my Dad in retrospect. When I see some of my relatives, this conversation takes place. 

“When I see you, I’m looking at the spitting image of your father!  ”

“Yeah, I know that myself. I can’t stand looking in the mirror lol.”

“Hey, Shinobu, you look like your father so much that I felt as if he were still alive!”

Before my son was born, I was not like that. I was sort of seeing my father as a negative example. Now that he has passed way, and I’ve got two amazing children, I am starting to resemble this negative example. 

Dad was a construction worker (sort of free lance, working for one company after another). I am a free-lance English teacher, working part-time for a prep school. Dad used biceps muscle to survive while I use the speech area of the brain to survive. 

Looks like I cannot beat his DNA. Entrepreneurs often insist that we live our own lives, but as for me, no matter how hard I try, my future path may not be too different from my father’s.


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