Division or Integration?

There are mergers and acquisitions going on among Japan’s education industry. One company that offers correspondence courses to high school seniors and another prep school chain that operates hundreds of schools throughout the nation have reached an agreement of corporate mergers.

I teach part-time at such a prep school based on the annual contract myself, and therefore I should have a say on this merger.

I have long assumed that educating people does not bring much money to the educator. I do not expect much money to flow into my bank account like never-ending streams of water. Instead, I focus on this one student. I know that the TOEFL is a test that requires a test taker to make a strenuous effort until s/he gets the result. If I show them how some of the tips work in the actual test to a large audience, good results will not be realized. Each individual has a different learning style; they have / suffer from different levels of understanding; and their respective educational backgrounds can work differently for them. The matter of the fact is that the bottom line is obtained only through monitoring each student until they can make it. And how hard it is!

I’m actually proud of the hard-earned money in my bank account. The amount is enough to make a decent living (but not sufficient to stop working once and for all!)

I am even imagining more of a separation than an integration taking place in this industry. How about dividing the entire school into each individual teacher, who will then work as an independent professional? My impression is that lawyers and doctors pursue a similar path. Once assigned to a large organization, each legal / medical expert will part with the institution to have their own firm.

Is that possible when it comes to teaching?


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