If you cannot remember

Many non-native speakers of English would be eager to keep a diary or write a blog post in English as often as possible, but when they sit at the desk and open their lap-top, they go through disappointment not to come up with a thing about which to write. So I imagine. Why? Because this is exactly how I’m feeling now.

I am not a blogger or anything, so I will not be in trouble if there is nothing to write, but now, I am feeling rather devastated because I DID have something in mind before I was ready to write. It was something like a TOEFL study tip or a test-taking strategy, but I forgot. All I know is that I had something to write about and that is why I am here typing.

As you get older, your ability to memorize or remember will be diminished (Can I generalize this idea? At least this is true of me). Memorize more English words? I always try, but I am not sure if my English vocabulary is getting larger or it just stays as is (I do hope it is not getting smaller, though).

To aid my brain, I bought two schedule books (appointment books) at the beginning of the year. I use one as a normal schedule book and the other to help my brain store memory. I write in the details of what should be happening for the day. I sometimes stop to write important ideas that come across so that I can reproduce them somewhere in the blog post or in class.

For now, it looks like the only one way available would be just to wait until it appears again. It is becoming my daily activity (inactivity?): just waiting.


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