Power of…

Habit-forming may be a key to success, especially if the habit that is formed is intrinsically good.

I have been proofreading the manuscript for the book (that’s coming up … soon, I hope), and it was thus that I did not post an article for the Japanese blog that I manage as often as I used to. It then started to pick up speed and this non-existence of the habit of posting a blog article has overwhelmed what little desire I still kept in mind that I was determined to post a blog article. At that moment, I felt numbed by it, didn’t feel tormented anymore by the guilt of not doing what I used to do very often, and now I find it pretty much a matter of course to do nothing about it. Even when I read other people’s blogs, which I often do, I don’t bother to remind myself of my own blog posts.

Scary, isn’t it?

What’s more, it requires a lot of energy and determination to start posting anew. You would have to wait for some time until you really feel itchy about it and have so much to write about in mind. The thing is that you may not have anything you want to write about if you haven’t posted so long.

That’s the power of not doing anything. There seems to be a technical term for this. What do you call a situation where once you stop a (good) habit for some reason, you feel as if you didn’t have that habit in the first place?


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