What’s it for?

About an hour ago, I started to do research on books, those best-sellers and new arrivals, under the category of “TOEFL”. I sometimes do this because I need to be always on top of what’s taking place in this field. (If a teacher like me did not take time to do this, who could afford to spare time for this unproductive routine?) Besides, I haven’t written an article yet on Top 20 TOEFL-preparation printed books that I was asked to submit by All About more than a year back. Yes, I have enough reason to surf (or kayak) through amazon (.co.jp).

This may be something that all those web-site designers and programmers have already noticed, but I realized NOW that the ranking announced by amazon is not based so much on how many books have been sold for a certain period of time, as on when a copy was ordered last time.

One of my books was ranked below 100th when I started to do the above research (two others were included on the top 10 list). I got disappointed, but cannot blame it on anyone else. It’s just that I should write a better, more instrumental book. Then I started to move on. An hour later, when I took a glance at the ranking, Whew! the same book of mine was ranked 18th. I also knew there were three in stock. Now, two.

What does this mean? With only one purchase, the ranking went from below 100th all the way to a whopping 18th? Obviously, my article of Top 20 TOEFL books will not be in tune with the ranking.


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