Luck matters.

I am holding another seminar on Dec 21. That falls on Sunday, when more people can spare time for the seminar if they want to. I have had six seminars this year so far, but this upcoming one is a bit different in principle. This seminar caters to those who have not taken the TOEFL yet, or who have, but still wonder how they can go about preparing for such a difficult language test. In that sense, it will be analogous to an orientation session at an English school. However,  it is totally different from an ordinary orientation session because I will deliver all the explanation and study tips. (It should be different when a different person is in charge, that’s for sure.)

I have taken this test a number of times. I have been teaching this test for as many years as the test was around. I have taught countless students who were successful in receiving the required scores to go to the U.S. to further explore their respective academic interest. At the same time, I have seen some unlucky students whose scores didn’t reach the requirement and who had to change their universities, which, in retrospect, has contributed more to my understanding of the test.

On Dec 21, I will summarize the above experience and share with the participants some of the things necessary to get a head start on the TOEFL.

Now I’m wondering how those would-be test-takers will be able to find this opportunity. I don’t think of any particular means of searching for those who are eligible for this seminar and letting them know about it. I will just create a blog post like this and wait…

So I would take it that those who will come to this seminar are inherently lucky…and luck always plays an important role in succeeding in whatever you are trying to achieve, doesn’t it?


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