You might as well break it as keep it, if it doesn’t work.

I will be holding a seminar for the preparation for the TOEFL next Monday.

In this seminar, I will emphasize the forms. In both the speaking and the writing sections, so long as you can get a good score, whatever you say or write is considered correct. If your score is good enough, there is no reason you wonder if you should take part in this seminar. If you have not yet received a score you ought to have gotten by now, there is something wrong with the way you speak and write, and you are welcomed to my seminar.

One very easy way to overcome it is to acquire forms. You speak whatever you have in mind according to a certain format, your score will improve a bit. If you follow a typical academic writing formula, your writing will look much better.

The thing is that this is not enough at all if you look for a better score like Sp=26 or Wr=30. As is often the case with any discipline or sport, form itself is important only for those novice learners. From that stage on, it is just as important to break the forms and establish your own formula, which should be better in quality than most of the mantras you can find in the TOEFL course books.

In this seminar, I will help participants achieve this goal. Most of them struggle to get out of the quagmire of Speaking=20~22 and Writing=25. Basic formats will bring you to those scores, but not any further.

In this seminar, I will bring them to a higher score by demanding that participants establish/memorize the typical formats and then break them down to pieces to re-establish their own. This is not to say form should be ignored. Form is necessary. So test-takers should learn forms first. Most of them, especially when their required score is 80, do not have to go any further. Here I am talking about those who need more than 105.  If they keep using the same formats, they will end up receiving a score in the same range, because nothing has changed. As Charles Darwin is believed to have said, those who change will survive. I am not only talking about a finch. I am also talking about TOEFL test-takers.

This will happen on Monday.


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