Daily TOEFL 16 How many times do you take it?

How many times have you taken the TOEFL test? If you are someone who is just about to step foot in this dark, unfathomably deep forest called TOEFL, how many times do you plan to take it until you finally see the light far ahead of you?





It is up to you and I respect your decision, but just in case you are not sure or you misunderstand the nature of this test itself, let me remind you a bit.

Your score only improves if you have learned something new, or you have acquired a new skill. Obvious, isn’t it?

The thing is that while taking the test,  most test-takers concentrate on the test so much that they tend to develop a sensory illusion that they have studied enough. However, they just spent four and a half hours on the test and no learning happened while they looked at the screen.

There is no reviewing the test because you are not allowed to (Haven’t you signed?) You just get a result. That’s it. Taking a test alone will get you nowhere. Learning something new will bring you a better score. You have four hours you can use at your free will this weekend. Will you spend it on the test again to receive the same score or learn something new and use it the next time you take the test? You cannot expect a miracle to take place at one time by making countless attempts. It is a good example of time wasted.



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