Some wise man has said, “Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.”

Very true, and I’m not talking about how we should live a life. I’m not a philosopher or anything. To tell the truth, this is my personal belief about TOEFL, or you could expand it a bit more and regard it as an overall test-taking principle.

There seem to be two types of test-takers: One is just wait for the perfect timing and avoid taking a test until then; the other keeps taking tests until getting the required score with virtually no intentional preparation. What is common between the two would be an attitude like”Sometime in the future, I will be perfect.”

To tell the truth, you will never experience such a moment.

Whenever you schedule your test date, you will never be able to see yourself in a perfect readiness. So don’t cry for the moon. Instead, you should take the moment (of the test day) and make it as good as it can possibly get.
The point is that the very purpose of preparation is for this to take place. You must know how to maximize your ability to display (to the rater) your potential to get by at university. Just cramming knowledge may not work, because cramming can happen because you may still be looking forward to becoming perfect with enough knowledge. What is more important is to learn how to make your knowledge workable.

If you are always seeking for more knowledge, you will never be satisfied, because you will never be perfect. If you know you will never be perfect, then, you will turn to how to display what you have learned.


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