Jazz singer

I have been teaching TOEFL for more than 12 years. In order to continue whatever you decided to do for more than a decade, you need to keep yourself motivated, don’t you think? One such motivation is an interaction (or chance encounter) with the students that I taught before.

This student was impressive enough.

She was not as impressive in terms of the TOEFL score, but I like her way of living.  Although I taught her nearly 10 years back, I still remember what she wrote in her application essay. As I see her now, she still keeps the faith and tries to live up to what she initially wanted to do.

She is a jazz singer.

Yesterday I was reminded by this (otherwise annoying!) reminder from Google+ about the posts that I may have ignored that her band released a new album. I bought it right then and there.

I don’t know if I can/should introduce the band here (because I haven’t asked her for approval yet), but this is enough. I will enjoy her music, one of my most impressive students, not so much because she has come a long way as because 10 years after graduation from high school, she is still doing what she likes best.


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