the shorter, the better?

Too bad, you have nothing special to do and have to kill time for a while? Then, please take a look at my tweets. Well, now it’s possible for most people on the planet to understand my tweets, because my recent posts are written in English.

These English tweets are not only for people living in other countries to understand, but for me myself to practice writing English better, and here is why.

Every time I communicate with native speakers of English on Facebook messenger or email or whatever, I realize their sentences are much shorter than mine (or yours).  This has to do with the process of developing your ability to use English. First you can write a short sentence. Then, you can put two sentences together and make them a complex sentence. And then at the third stage you can make it even longer by putting extra ideas in it in the form of insertion. By the time you reach this stage, however, your sentences have become a bit too complicated to understand at first glance.

Writing a long, complex sentence seems like some feat from a viewpoint of novice learners, but it actually is easy. What separates native speakers from non-native speakers is how short each sentence is.  Don’t you think it is better to read less if the same meaning is communicated?  After all the 30-odd years of learning English, I have now reached this point: the shorter, the better.


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