You are supported because you support them.

I was supposed to teach three classes until 9 p.m. and start to check the rest of the second draft by midnight, and then, I would make it to the deadline.

It was well planned and I was sure that would work both on paper and in practice. If only I had taken a certain risk into consideration!

Yes, as a father of two and a husband of a great wife, my life is full of risks and I have no choice but to run the risk of ruining my plans. My wife suddenly became sick early today, so I stopped working (Yes, I started to work at 4:30 a.m.), and checked the nearest doctor available on this national holiday. I was with her all morning, though there were not many I could do. My wife being sick, however, means that I also have to take care of two kids, since neither is old enough to go to school.

After putting all three to sleep, I began to cross out those items on my to-do list from the top. That was 11 p.m.

I am confident, however, that I did the right thing: to scrap the plan and ignore the deadline; instead, to take care of my loved ones.

I don’t know what those businessmen in a similar situation to mine would do, but if my decision is reasonable enough, whenever you ask someone like me who has a family to take care of, especially when they are in need, to get a job done, you may run the risk of having to stand by longer than expected. I would call it a family risk. Having a family to support does not always work in a positive manner. Because of it, you may not be able to follow your schedule. So, it is possible to avoid assigning a job to such a person in the first place.

If I think this way, I should be happy because, despite my family risk, many people have offered me lots of opportunity to work.  Besides, it is always my policy and work ethic that I brush up my skills and improve the quality of my work to live up to and even surpass the expectation of my clients. As a result, many of them are willing to take a risk and offer me a job.

I hope I was successful in glorifying what could have turned out a mere case of goofing off.


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