Brainstorming … in action.

How old are you? (Don’t answer. I don’t expect you to tell me how old.) Have you felt any generation gaps? For younger generations, when their grandfathers start to talk about what life was like 50 years ago, they just lose interest and leave for somewhere else. Politicians, most of whom are just as old as their grandfathers, seem to be a bit too arrogant, too demanding, and too strict, while their language is almost impenetrable.

It is also true the other way around.

Older generations, me included, find it hard to sympathize with high school students who complain about the tough and competitive entrance exams to their first choice university. Elderly citizens would say, “Look what I did! I was put in an even tougher , or more fatal condition when I was transferred to the Philippines during WWII…” (High school students would say to themselves, “WTF…” I was this kind of high school student whose grandfather was sent to the Philippines (I’m not sure, but it’s just that he thought that was the Philippines.) So this communication gap seems to be seen all the time with a younger generation taking the place of the older generation. 30 years ago, I was a high school student who was pissed off at my grandfather’s incomprehensible language, and now I may be the one who uses the same thinking process as my grandfather’s.

Why I am writing about this generation gap is that I will be writing a sample essay about this communication gap in a minute. I am just brainstorming myself.

When I write a response to the TOEFL writing prompt, the first thing that I do is search my memory for a relevant experience that I can use in the response. When I finally remember it, I exaggerate it a bit to make the entire essay effective and relevant to the prompt. Oh, what was the question? Here it is: “People lived a very different life 50 years ago, so there is no advice our grandparents can give to their grandchildren.”

Do you agree or disagree with this statement?




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