Updates from graduates

Recently, I have heard from two of my long time graduates on their updates.

They are doing what I would not have ever considered doing when I was their age. Much respect should be paid to them.

Just in case you don’t know why I do this business…My profile shows part of the reason I keep teaching the TOEFL for the younger generations. I am not too excited to hear that students are admitted to their first choice universities. I sort of take it for granted. Their TOEFL scores are higher than required; they’ve got great letters of recommendation from great people; their application essays are a product of cooperation between the students themselves and their counselors. There is little reason they are rejected.

Instead, I feel exhilarated when I see them graduate and start their new lives. We cannot correctly estimate how much contribution they will make to society. Whatever they do, with all the skills and expertise, as well as determination and patience, it will change our society in a better direction, I’m sure.

And these two graduates will be great assets for us. One is a jazz musician, and the other is a cabin attendant.

Obviously, I wouldn’t have thought of either of them as my future career when I was in university.


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