A bit weird, but very real.

My job entails making an educational video (for the TOEFL test, of course), where I teach one particular section. One that I taped recently was the basic writing. It introduces how to write one sentence first, and then how to put multiple sentences into a paragraph, and finally how to integrate several paragraphs into one complete essay. It…oh I don’t remember correctly…has about 20 lessons in one course.

Since this video caters to novice learners of the TOEFL, it is used by the most learners of all the video courses of mine. That makes it natural that I am spoken to by the viewers quite often. Today I was in the elevator to move up to the fifth floor where my classroom was. There was another young man who looked quite robust standing next to me. He was smiling and I gradually realized this guy might be one of my viewers by the time we came to the second floor. When we came onto the third floor, the young man was about to get off when his words burst out. “Are you teaching in the video writing course? I’ve been learning in that course. I’m glad to meet the real one in person!” He left.

I didn’t know anything about him, but he knows quite a lot about me. Very weird, but real.

Who knows? Maybe I will appear in front of you tomorrow. If you realize that the person standing in front of you is the person whose blog you have read, just say hi and I am more than happy to have a chat over a cup of coffee (if my class doesn’t start any time soon).


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