Not too fast, but not too slow either.

Just to remind myself…

I post my videos on You Tube from time to time, and all those videos contain some tips for the TOEFL, especially the speaking section. I find it very appropriate to give learners speaking strategies by speaking English myself. The videos are both a bunch of strategies and examples where they apply.

The next time I will post a video, I already know what it will be about. It will be about the speed at which learners (or test-takers) should speak (or pursue to speak). Some people give up halfway and decide not to speak at a normal speed. Instead, they prefer to speak very slowly.

That is not my cup of tea.

First off, those who prefer to speak slowly are not happy with the score, because they don’t receive a good score. More precisely, their scores will not change between before and after you change the way you speak.

As far as the Integrated questions are concerned, speaking slowly can be harmful. Even if you have caught every single important idea and taken them on paper, you may not be able to “read” all of them because you are speaking more slowly than expected by the TOEFL.

More reasons for not intentionally speaking slowly. You will find them out in my video (which is soon to be out hopefully).


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