Surreal experience in the real world

When I check my twitter account, a spate of information, as well as solicitation, will come into view. This is understandable, considering Tokyo gubernatorial election is just around the corner. Exchanges of political views, slanders, principles, beliefs are being made in the twitter world. Technically I do not reside in Tokyo, so I am not in the position to poke my nose into this debate. 

Instead, what I did today was to work on my on-going project. I collected all those technical terms regarding Invertebrates and gave each one of them an easy, simple definition so that learners could get a grip on them in English. They include …





sea urchin



You could get the required score of the TOEFL without even realizing these terms, but it won’t hurt just to learn some more of those terms in English. As I was compiling them with Japanese translation, I felt like wow, this is surreal. My neighbors in the blogosphere (just one click away) are debating on who should be the next governor of Tokyo, while I am learning something like oh echinoderm includes sea urchin…This is what I call a surreal experience. I like TOEFL.


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