Start now

I found my voice and throat a bit different the day before yesterday, and yesterday, I was sure that I had caught the flu or something. Went to see my doctor, who diagnosed me with the flu. Interestingly, he smiled and said that I would not have to worry because there was this miracle drug “Relenza”. This drug is especially effective when administered within 48 hours after the flu develops.

I took it and slept all day.

Now I’m fine, except that my back hurts (because of too much sleep on the bed).

The sooner, the better. This cliche applies to your health.

This also applies to you, if you think of preparing for the TOEFL. Unless you have taken the TOEFL, you tend to think, “Oh, it’s just one of those tests. I can do it well if I concentrate on it for a couple of days.”

I know a bunch of people who ended up changing their plans because they did not get the required score. The TOEFL is difficult (so is the flu).

So my humble advice is that if you may have to take the TOEFL, start now. You can get through without the TOEFL, but if the TOEFL is necessary, it is sometimes too late by the time you realize the difficulty of the test.


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