Feel or logic?

I have just distributed the second January issue of my 109 TOEFL online course material to all the subscribers. 

This issue is a bit different from the rest of the course thus far issued because I gave most explanations for each task in the audio file that comes with the text. It is rather long. Actually it is a 100-minute audio file (don’t worry, there are lots of short segments).

This is, based on my experience, a good way of absorbing a new idea. When you read the text, you will get the idea, but don’t you think it is just on paper, and it takes time and patience before you can utilize the knowledge to respond correctly to the tasks in the TOEFL test? 

On the other hand, if you learn the same points by listening to the explanation, you will be able to “feel it” rather than “perceive it.” The “feel” you have, in my opinion, will play a decisive role at the last minute. That can make or break the battle of getting a better score of the TOEFL. A good learner (or test-taker) cannot explain why s/he responded to the prompt in that particular way. They did not follow a certain rule. They followed their heart.



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