A penny for your thoughts.

I teach the TOEFL myself, and like most other professions, I sometimes reflect on what I do. When I do that, I always use this analogy. Teacher vs Doctor.

Some doctors are very popular among patients. Some people change from one doctor to another based on the rumor, knowing that most of what they hear is so much biased that it is almost invalid. I do that myself. I had many times when I went to see one doctor and decided never to return to this guy. 

However, I don’t think what those doctors talk about is any different from one another. After all, they received the same degree (Ph.D) and have been practicing medicine for the last couple of decades. At the same time, it is next to impossible to come up with a new treatment that no one else has. Considering the complexity and demand for accuracy of this profession, there will be little one doctor can do. 

Now back to the question. What is it that makes a good doctor?

I will always think of this question when I teach. What makes a good teacher? Teachers in general have acquired their ability to understand English in one way or another. Whatever it may be, the total knowledge on the English language and the way it can be taught is commonly shared by most teachers. Lots of refresher courses, websites, open education have made it possible. Still, learners try to evaluate them.

By what criteria do they see teachers?

One good way of improving your teaching skills.



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