I gave them advice and I got so much motivated.

First of all, I do hope those who took the TOEFL test today gave it all they’d got.

Yesterday, I talked with one of those test-takers. He currently took the first step toward the score of 109, and it is always refreshing for me to talk to such a person who’s got full of vigor. Interestingly enough, today I was asked by another business person with the same goal to meet up sometime soon.

I sometimes wonder why I can work this hard for this career of teaching the TOEFL. But that should be part of the answer: every time I meet with those people, I can empathize with them, knowing that all the things they are in for. Still they never stop to think twice.

That’s possible in part because they are still young, but that’s not enough. I am sure that they are already confident enough. They have received a good reputation from others so far, for their performance at work and/or their language skills.

What’s good for them is that they do not stop just to feel happy with all the praise and applause. They are ready to move on, knowing that all the confidence may be broken into pieces.

Now that’s what I call adventure, and I like adventurers. And I would like to be an adventurer myself for the rest of my life.

I don’t think of myself as an English teacher. This may be just a superficial aspect of my life (although a long time has passed…). I will not settle down where I feel most comfortable. As Bon Jovi sings,
Gonna live while I’m alive
I will sleep when I’m dead

Too early to take a rest.

Thank you for all the talk the other day. I am so much motivated by the talk.


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