this one second

Having sent the second issue of this month’s TOEFL correspondence course to subscribers, I already started to work on another project. I got only this month available to me, with the weeks after this occupied with another set of projects.

When I say this, you may think, “Wow, you’ve been working too hard! I don’t have such time to do all that.” To tell the truth, however, me, neither.
My typical daytime is spent on taking care of my children. I am not a male chauvinist who advocates that men should concentrate on their career while women should stay at home to take care of the housework and to raise children. I do lots of housework and I take care of my children. This may lower the level (thus reputation) of my work as a TOEFL consultant, but that only makes up 50% of my whole life.
So in order to maximize what time I have, I do not make a schedule and value one second. I cannot make a schedule, because you never know when my seven-month-old starts to cry in the middle of the night or whether my three-year-old insists on playing with his father.
If I were to take the TOEFL to go to B school in the U.S., I would have to maximize the time available to me. when I have one minute free from everything, I would review one Speaking independent task. It takes only 45 seconds. 
This can apply to the reading section,too.
– If you have 6 minutes, you can / should read the entire passage.
– If you have 20 minutes, you can answer all the 13 questions.
The same is true of the writing section.
– Reading a sample response aloud  takes only three minutes. If you have 10 minutes, you can read it aloud three times to make sure how the sample is organized or to learn some new expressions.
– If you have a smartphone app for SAT, TOEFL, or GMAT, even one second can be utilized by learning one word.
The entire TOEFL test takes more than four hours, but its preparation can be broken down to much smaller pieces…by the second. “How many seconds do I study?” That would be the more appropriate question to ask, rather than “How many hours do I study?”
Most would-be MBA holders would be assigned to a more responsible position at work, I’m sure. Your work will occupy most of your daytime. However, it is also important you secure a considerable amount of time to study. If you are more conscious of time and think this one second means a lot to you, then, you can learn better, thus improving your score.

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