Isn’t it hard to get used to it?

Learners always say they want to get used to English, but I always regret to tell them I don’t know what that means.

In the (pretty) long history of my attempt to acquire the language, I cannot remember a time when I successfully got accustomed to  English.

I would often try to get used to the language, though.

As it turned out, however, there was no choice left for me but to keep studying strenuously. I have been doing that….until now.

All I did was to study English, but I speak, write and understand the language better than most non-native speakers of English in the world.

Getting used to English is probably equivalent to studying English. I speculate that learners want to get used to it just because they are trying to avoid intentional learning. My definition of “getting used to it” is a state where one has studied so hard and so intentionally for a substantial period of time that s/he takes the knowledge for granted.

Many learners often ask me how it is possible that I speak English this naturally.

I wonder if they have ever thought of how it is possible for them to say, “I’m from Japan.” so naturally.

They have kept studying hard, by which process they have bumped into this expression a number of times, until eventually they take it for granted that they can say, “I’m from Japan.” with no hesitation or doubt. What they have to do is to keep studying so that they will feel the same way on whatever they will have to say, hear, write or read in the future.

You cannot just sit back and relax, doing nothing but to expose yourself to the sound of English, hoping that one day, you will “get used to it.”

Just hoping that something happens means that you are not doing anything substantial or meaningful. Based on my 30-odd-year experience, the best way to learn a language is by studying really hard.


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