the sooner the better and I mean it.

Haven’t had time to write in here.
I am currently working on the upcoming April issue of the TOEFL prep course. Have to get it done by 4/1.
Recently I have been asked for advice by five test-takers whose deadlines are nearing. Hope they do fine.
Unfortunately, the TOEFL test is just cold-blooded. It does not get moved by any tear-jerking appeals. It is test that embodies the entire state-of-the-art technology on education in the U.S. Just burning the midnight oil a couple of days in a row cannot make any difference.
However, I have to say that there are some things you should/can do that can directly affect your score!
Only if your current score is within the range from 85 to 95. Otherwise, those techniques that I can share with you will not work at all. 
1) If your score is below 40,
there is no room where any test-taking technique can work. You need to build up, brush up, and improve your whole language ability on a step-by-step basis. 
2) If your current score is 107 and your target is 109,
there is no such thing like an “TOEFL-for dummies” technique. It can even take as long as two years to improve your score as much.
What I want to say is that it does take a lot of time to reach the required score. Therefore, the minute you think of studying in the U.S. I would advise you to do the two things below.
1) save as much as possible (you never know how you will start your campus life: tuition may be on your company or you need to pay out of your pocket).
2) Start in earnest to prepare for the TOEFL test.
Start in any way: you start learning basic stuff first or you can take a test anyway so that you can get disappointed to know what a tall hurdle you are going to jump over.
I just hope the readers here have enough time to prepare. 
But better late than never! In case you are in trouble because you have only a little time left until the test day and don’t know what to do anymore (because you have done much enough but cannot get the score), then there may be some areas in which I can still help you. Most important, however, is to start prep as soon as possible. 

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