Reading aloud! … um…really?

It is always troublesome. Students come to class and by the time they come back to the next class, much of what they learned is gone. 
You cannot keep everything to your memory in any way, but it is possible not to forget all of them.
When your Reading / Listening classes are over,
1) Read the passage and solve the questions that follow (again)
2) Read / Listen only to check new words
3) Read / Listen to learn important sentences about the topic (as if you were studying for your history midterm, for example)
4) Read / Listen as you take notes on the sentences that you could not possibly WRITE or SPEAK yourself.
5) Finally read / listen at your maximum speed. 
The fact of the matter is that you need to repeat the same passage over and over again. But it is almost impossible to do that unless you have a specific purpose. The above 5 will provide you with some reasons for which you read or listen to the same passage.
What I would NOT recommend is read aloud the entire passage. 
First of all, it will not do you ANY good if you do that once or twice. According to my (and many other good speakers’) experience, reading aloud is only beneficial if you do that hundreds of times.
I would advise learners to read aloud some important sentences or much shorter passages like one paragraph that you think is beneficial. (just like the above 3 or 4)
I will write about how to review a Speaking class in the next post.

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