Understanding the difference between the raw score and the converted score.

Merry Christmas!
Today is the first day of the 5-day crash course for the TOEFL test. I was reading the Official Guide to the TOEFL just to remind myself of some of the important ideas that I would have to introduce in class. One thing I would like to share here is this score conversion table of the reading section.
When the raw score is in its 10s, one additional raw score means one additional converted score. However, if your converted score is already 25, it is really tough to improve your score. Look at who can get the converted score of 29, for example. When you get 41 correct answer out of 45, you will get 29, but you still get 29 when you get 44 correct answers.
What does it mean?
Obviously, the higher the score is, the harder it is to get a better score (even if your reading ability has improved)!
I am sure many test-takers feel their learning curve has hit a plateau and every time they take the TOEFL, they get the same score…but that was the trick behind it. Don’t worry, your ability is improving.
Therefore, if you look for a better score, I doubt it is a good idea to focus on the reading section especially your score has already reached 25. Instead, you should pay the most attention to the listening section, in which one additional raw score means one additional converted score throughout the entire continuum. If your listening score has improved, it will definitely affect the scores of the speaking and writing sections very positively. 
The listening section, instead of the reading section, is the key to success in the TOEFL test.

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