An Indonesian student

I just heard of the official facebook page of the TOEFL and I “liked” it. I was expecting to find some vivid and first-hand report on what questions were asked in the last actual TOEFL test, but come to think of it, ETS would never allow it to happen, knowing that it is violating its own regulations. Shame.
Now what is the real raison d’etre of this page, then :-(?
but I have found an eye-opening comment by a test-taker from Indonesia. S/he would like to get into the University of Tokyo.
I see…and s/he is on this page…
From the Indonesian viewpoint, studying abroad may mean coming to Japan. If study-abroad requires a score of the TOEFL, then such a score will be required when coming to Japan (although ignorance of Japanese will turn out a disastrous campus life). 
Interesting. We take the TOEFL test to get out of Japan, but it may be true that they take the TOEFL test to get into Japan. I don’t know if this is really the case, but it sounds interesting.
The thing is we don’t use English at university in Japan. Obviously international students will be required to learn Japanese to understand lectures. 
As I understand, English is easier when it is spoken. A professor may utter…
For more than a decade, our nation has been experiencing an economic hardship like never before. Well, many companies are losing money. You can’t afford a new house, a new car, or a new food product even. People are losing their jobs. They don’t know how to make a living any longer. In this economic recession, what is the government supposed to do? Today we’re discussing the theory of John Maynard Keynes…”
However, the Japanese language, even when it comes to speaking, is just as hard as it is in a written form.
A direct (mechanical) translation of the above English passage will never be like this. 
If you think this way, it seems much harder for an Indonesian student to come to Tokyo than it is for a Japanese student to get into university in the United States.

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